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ORIGIN PORT & MARINE TECHNICAL SERVICES  works  with port authorities, ship operators builders, infrastructure companies and energy providers in UK, Middle east & India.  We are technically experienced and our services  extend beyond the dockside, our expertise enables us to efficiently and speedily handle the loading and unloading of  vessels to assisting with full Port Operation & Maintenance .
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Third Party Inspection

  • Equipment procurement consultancy
  • Refine Clients Specification
  • Provide Full system to tender process
  • Offer latest technology consultation
  • Support client in Evaluation/ Negotiation
  • Seamless Integration of TPI process into the Tendering/ Procurement system
  • Third party inspection
  • key objective of delivering the best possible quality of cranes from the respective crane manufacturer to the end user. This principle is supported through reduced punch lists, shorter on-site commissioning durations and consequently improved start up reliability.

Inspection & Audit

  • Equipment audit
  • Structural, Mechanical, and Electrical condition commentary
  • Software analysis and de-bugging
  • Valuation for funding/ insurance purposes
  • Periodic and statutory crane inspection
  • Annual detailed examinations
  • 10 year, 25 year statutory through inspections
  • Tailored programmes to meet your local legislative requirements

Crane refurbishment

  • Upgrade solution
  • Drive upgrades
  • Total control system replacement
  • Span changes
  • Height of Lift increase

Maintenance Services

  • Regular/Breakdown/Shutdown Maintenance
  • Maintenance audit & analysis
  • Manpower supply/interview/consultancy

Spare part

  • Spare part procurement consultancy
  • Spare part recommendation, inspection
  • Spare parts sourcing


  • Oil & Offshore rope
  • Crane Rope
  • Structural System
  • General Engineering Rope
  • Conveyor Cord
  • Elevator Rope
  • Mining Rope
  • Fishing Rope

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